Thursday, 25 July 2013

Caribbean Princess

Caribbean Princess is back today on another one of her British Isles cruise visits. She is anchored on the easterly anchorage with part of Fort George,  (appropriate name this week), fortifications showing in the foreground. Used as a barracks by the occupying forces in World War 2, it contains the unique German fortifications built on top of Napoleonic era ones. The small beach is the southern entrance to a tunnel which now contains an aquarium from which the "famous" bass was stolen recently. This fish was passed off as a winner in a local fishing contest, until it was identified by a local fisherman as such!

Staying for half a day causes queues for the tenders as the guests try and make the most of their short visit, meaning that the majority will leave heading back to the harbour as late as possible.

Wednesday was another sunny day with the sea calm giving the guests a good journey out to the Caribbean Princess. In the background are the islands to the north of Herm know locally as "The Humps".

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